avatarius and the CIA-mole


An evaluation process…

All new agents are required to go through this process to demonstrate their skills. The team is taken back to 1996. A highly sensitive data set – the NOC list – has been stolen from the main server at the CIA headquarters at Langley.

The objective
  • Expose the mole
  • Find and delete the NOC list from the CIA’s main server
  • If you are successful, you will have saved the lives of hundreds of agents around the world
The Mission Parameters
  • More than one device at a time:
    we recommend a maximum of 4 PCs
    Share your screen!
  • 90-120 minutes of mission time
  • Price for one mission: 15,- €

Get yourself a sneak-peak into this Mission by watching this 1-minute-video. Don’t forget to turn on the sound!

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