General information

  • A Point&Click game can be played on the internet browser of your choice
  • Our Point&Click games can only be played on the computer or laptop!
  • You will find “clickable” sections, in which you will be able to carry out various activities with your cursor in various scenes of the game.
  • These “clickable” sections are usually made visible by the cursor turning into a small hand. But not always…
    • In some cases, the sections to click on will be a part of a puzzle and therefore not recognizable by “hovering”.
    • If and when these sections are made visible in other ways, we have also done without the small hand. If click areas are clearly marked otherwise, this hand symbol is also usually dispensed with
  • There is a variety of different activities available. For example: Switching to a different scene / starting audio- or video sequences / unhiding images / and more…


  • Our online games can be played as a group on a single PC – or from different locations and computers
  • Duration: 80 – 150 minutes (depending on the game)
  • Number of players/devices: We recommend a maximum of 4 different players/devices.
  • Multiplayer: we highly recommend the use of platforms like ZOOM or TEAMS, so that you can share the screen. This way:
    • Alle sehen das gleiche Bild ohne Zeitverzögerungen
    • Es gibt keine zeitversetzten Ton- oder Videoausgaben
    • Da nur einer die Maus führt, kann es nicht zu „unbemerkten“ Aktionen kommen (gerade bei Kindern/Jugendlichen sinnvoll…)
    • All players are looking at the same image with no delays
    • There will be no delayed video- or audio output
    • As there is only one person in charge of the cursor, there can be no „unnoticed“ activities  (this is especially wise if children are playing)
  • Exper-tip
  • The puzzles are construed from scraps of information found in individual scenes.
    • So: before you start the game, grab a pen and some paper
    • Also: maybe you can come up with an idea on how to “save” some of the more complex screen content so you can recall it at any time during your quest…

Puzzle poblems?

  • We never leave our players to their own devices (the exception being games played in Expert-Mode)
    • Some games have a built in “briefing” PDF file which becomes accessible upon registration
    • There is a help built into all games.
      • There are up to 3 clues available within each puzzle
      • If you really get stuck, you can access the final answer
  • Please don’t put your fun on the line! We encourage you to use the short cuts and take advantage of the helps-system. Very few teams get through an entire online game without a clue here and there…